COVID-19 and Music Lessons

In accordance with the guidelines and recommendations of the Saskatchewan Health Authority, Audrey has transitioned to remote teaching through video conferencing software. She has experience in delivering remote lessons (she has offered distance lessons for a few years) and will continue to do so until it is safe to do in-person lessons. Please contact Audrey using the Contact Form for more information.

Piano Lessons & Exam Preparation

Learn musicianship through one of the most classical of instruments with an experienced Royal Conservatory of Music examiner.

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Collaborative Piano & Coaching

Expertise in collaboration and coaching

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Piano Collaborator’s Blog

- Chris Foley
David Webb's Winterreise at Wigmore Hall

"Blokes don't talk about stuff." These words of David Webb are a launching-point for a Winterreise that is grounded in a concern for mental health. Webb's Winterreise features four singers instead of one, and is conceived as more of a conversation rather than a solitary journey.  If you're interested in… [more...]

- Chris Foley
I Also Write Another Blog

Wendy Hatala Foley, New Day, 48'x40', acrylic on canvasThe cadence of articles on the Collaborative Piano Blog has alternated between periods of frenzied activity and long hiatus. It's a huge challenge to be a long-term blogger, and my interests and passions tend to change over time, not to mention the… [more...]

- Chris Foley
Where to Find All the Level 9 and 10 Chord Progressions for RCM Piano Exams

One of the challenges of Level 9 and 10 piano in The Royal Conservatory's Piano Syllabus, 2015 Edition is learning to play the I - VI - IV - V6/4 - 8-7 - I chord progression in all the keys (C through F major/minor for Level 9, G flat/F# through… [more...]

- Chris Foley
The Lied Society Presents Michelle Cann

Abe Hunter's latest episode of The Lied Society features Michelle Cann, pianist, teacher, community innovator, and the the Eleanor Sokoloff Chair in Piano Studies at Curtis Institute of Music. In her hour-long interview, Michelle talks about teaching at Curtis, balancing solo and collaborative work, and the importance of being well-rounded. Midway… [more...]

- Chris Foley
Muzewest Concerts Presents Russian Winter with Alexander Malikov

Since the start of the pandemic, my professional student Jennifer West has grown Vancouver's Muzewest Concerts to become one of the city's most active concert series, with a regular lineup of concerts, workshops, masterclasses, and podcasts. Since all their events are now online and they can no longer fly artists into… [more...]