COVID-19 and Music Lessons

In accordance with the guidelines and recommendations of the Saskatchewan Health Authority, Audrey has transitioned to remote teaching through video conferencing software. She has experience in delivering remote lessons (she has offered distance lessons for a few years) and will continue to do so until it is safe to do in-person lessons. Please contact Audrey using the Contact Form for more information.

Piano Lessons & Exam Preparation

Learn musicianship through one of the most classical of instruments with an experienced Royal Conservatory of Music examiner.

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Collaborative Piano & Coaching

Expertise in collaboration and coaching

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Piano Collaborator’s Blog

- Chris Foley
Compensation Survey for Collaborative Pianists in Higher Education

Working at a university, conservator, or college is one of the most common ways to get employment as a collaborative pianist. However, many of these positions don't pay particularly well, offer limited or no benefits, and might not even be at a faculty level. Making things more challenging is that… [more...]

- Chris Foley
Piercing the Singer/Pianist Dynamic

Robert Thies looks at the relationships between pianists, their collaborators, and concert presenters in Might We Accompany Each Other? How Audiences and Presenters Perceive the Singer/Pianist Dynamic in the March-April 2021 edition of the Journal of the New York Singing Teachers' Association. That this is intended as a primer for singers… [more...]

- Chris Foley
HBD!Project MARCH Celebrates Composers' Birthdays in (you guessed it) March

As classical musicians, we love to play their music religiously, but forget our favorite composer's big days year after year. HBD!Project aims to fix that, and is the brainchild of Toronto-based musicians Natalya Gennadi and Catherin Carew. This month's party features the music of Maurice Ravel, Diane Berry, J.S. Bach,… [more...]

- Chris Foley
Participate in a Research Study: Preparing Young Musicians for Performance

 Charlene Ryan, Jessica Tsang, and Diana Dumlavwalla are spearheading a research study that will be looking at the habits and processes of music teachers in preparing students for performance. It takes around 20 minutes to complete, and involves reflection on a number of issues such as performance preparation, performance anxiety,… [more...]

- Chris Foley
Rachel Fuller on the Art of the Collaborative Pianist

Auckland-based pianist Rachel Fuller's conversation with David Moriss on New Zealand's RNZ is worth listening to in its entirely. The collaborative pianist vs. accompanist, entering the profession, learning the skillset, and the growing respect towards collaborative pianists are all discussed, and the recorded performances are fabulous. I love this quote:This movement,… [more...]