What Is The Royal Conservatory of Music?

Audrey is a music festival adjudicator and a member of the College of Examiners of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. This specialized training is especially useful in guiding students through festival and exam preparation, as well as coaching accompanying skills.

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The Royal Conservatory of Music, branded as The Royal Conservatory, is a music education organization and performance venue headquartered in Toronto, Canada. It was founded in 1886 by Edward Fisher as The Toronto Conservatory of Music. In 1947, King George VI incorporated the organization through royal charter.

Its Toronto home was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1995, in recognition of the institution's significant influence on music education in Canada.


This division of The Royal Conservatory sets and supports standards in music examinations across Canada and internationally. The organization conducts 100,000 examinations annually in over 300 communities around the world.

The Royal Conservatory curriculum is made available and accessible to students across North America through the Examinations Certificate Program. Examinations are conducted three times each year in more than 300 communities through a network of local centres. The Certificate Program encompasses all levels and spans 11 grades: from beginner to certification as an Associate of The Royal Conservatory of Music (ARCT), and in Piano Performance, to certification as a Licentiate of The Royal Conservatory of Music (LRCM).

Achievement in Royal Conservatory Examinations is recognized for credit toward secondary school graduation in many school systems in Canada. For most provinces in Canada, a Grade 6 Certificate and Intermediate Rudiments counts as Grade 10 credit, a Grade 7 Certificate and Advanced Rudiments counts as Grade 11 credit, and a Grade 8 Certificate and Advanced Rudiments counts as Grade 12 credit. One's standing in the Certificate Program also plays an important role in entrance requirements for professional music programs at many universities and colleges.

The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program

In 2011 The Royal Conservatory partnered with Carnegie Hall to launch The Achievement Program in the United States. In January 2013 The Royal Conservatory took on sole responsibility of successful program,under the name The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program.

RCM Examinations

Royal Conservatory of Music

The Royal Conservatory of Music, established in 1886, has provided an unparalleled music education to millions of individuals from all across Canada.

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