How much do lessons cost?

The fee structure for the current teaching year is listed below. Contact Audrey about expected fees for the next teaching year.

45 Minute Lessons

  • Montly Rate (9 Payments) $135
  • Semester Rate (2 Payments) $610

60 Minute Lessons

  • Montly Rate (9 Payments) $180
  • Semester Rate (2 Payments) $810

Teaching Year

The teaching year will consist of 30 lessons. Some months will have more lessons than others due to holidays and normal calendar progression.

June exam students and provincial festival students will be charged for extra lessons following the final recital (usually held mid-May) at a rate of $54/hour, or one month's regular lesson fees, depending on the date of the exam or festival.

Lesson Length

The length of a lesson is determined by the level the student is currently working at and/or by the subject the student is to take.


  • Beginner to Level 7 - 45 minute lessons
  • Level 8 to Level 10 - 60 minute lessons
  • RCM Diploma and Advanced - 60 minute lessons, or by special arrangement

Theory (Preparatory to Advanced Rudiments)

  • included with Beginner to Level 7
  • 45 minute lessons if taken separately


  • 45 minute lessons


  • Beginner to Intermediate Levels - 45 minute lessons

Combined Voice and Piano Lessons

  • Beginner Voice & Piano only - 45 minute lessons
Alternative lesson lengths can be arranged under certain circumstances; eg. longer times may be needed for those students wishing to take RCM examinations.

Teaching Policy (pdf)

Download the Teaching Policy for more information on payment schedule & expectations, practice & performance, and other opportunities.

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