Testamonials from others

"It has always been my great pleasure to work together with such a fine collaborative artist as Audrey Falk Janzen-truly an excellent musician, pianist, and composer. " 


Dr. Rudy Schellenberg, Professor Emeritus, Canadian Mennonite University

"Audrey’s teaching draws from experience and a vast range of pedagogical tools in order to facilitate the growth of the student’s musical voice. She is one of those rare teachers who understands and communicates musical gestures to her students with astonishing proficiency." 


Joel Peters, M.Mus. Music Director at St. John's Lutheran, Montréal

"Audrey is a talented and dedicated professional. I have been impressed with her overall musical skills and particularly her work ethic and conscientiousness toward all of her students."

Dr. Gerald Langner, Department Head, University of Saskatchewan

Dr. Gerald Langner, Former Department Head, University of Saskatchewan

"Audrey has a warmth that is so genuine. She always gave me constructive criticism in a way that encouraged me to continue exploring my personal expression of music. Watching and listening to Audrey play always inspires me. She plays with such powerful grace. While preparing for exams and festival, she always pushed me to find my own voice through the music, and that is a skill that I will continue to use for the rest of my life."

Justin Gerhard Friesen - Toronto/New York

Justin Gerhard Friesen, Toronto, ON/New York, NY

Vocal Coach
Vocal Coach